ScanMeg carries the most efficient and developed range of systems in the field of measurement and dimensional lasers. We can meet the production challenges concerning the precision, accuracy of data, process acceleration, three-dimensional object reproduction, real-time production and quality control. In addition, our systems are suitable for all industries due to their tolerance to harsh environments, temperature variations and durability. Consult our specialists for personalized advice about the product that suits your applications and equipment.

  • Laser technology
  • Infrared technology
  • 3D Technology
  • Modules and device technology

Laser scanmeg

The laser technology is much more precise than the infrared technology. The laser product line uses an evolving technology and all products offered by ScanMeg are cutting-edge and among the most efficient.

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INFRARED scanmeg

Infrared technology is a technology used to offer a range of affordable products in addition to providing technology that allows one to measure objects precisely and quickly. ScanMeg offers a range of high- performance products which are temperature-resistant and are easy to use outside in all weather conditions and easy to protect.

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LASER 3D scanmeg

3D Laser Technology is the most efficient of ScanMeg laser technologies and is the most useful to digitize profiles and shapes of objects. This product series, traces a laser line on an object and uses a CCD camera to detect points along the line to describe the profile and shape of the object. In addition, depending on your current equipment and technology, efficiency gain of 10 to 15% may be possible.

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Modules and device technology scanmeg

ScanMeg provides a range of modules and device technology to integrate with your equipment to do different actions and add additional functionality for productivity an performance purposes. Several modules can be used to improve operations depending on the application. For more information, contact the ScanMeg team.

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We are uncompromising regarding details and precision.

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  • No loss

    Increase productivity, accuracy, and reliability of your equipment with our high-performance systems.

  • Precision

    Our devices project 6, 8, 10 or 12 laser lines on an object, so that the cameras capture the exact XY coordinates of the intersection of the laser line on the object.

  • Productivity

    Increase your efficiency, productivity, and performance.

  • Speed

    A capture speed of up to 4,000 acquisitions per second.

  • Dimension

    Our equipment detects the size of very small objects, as small as 0,001 inch (0,025 mm).

  • Distance

    Our systems detect the size at more than 100 feet (30 m) and shape at more than 12 feet (3,6 m).


increases performance



Speed / efficiency

Durability of
our devices

Several facilities have been operating reliability for 15 years, since the first products manufactured by ScanMeg 2001.


Function down to -40º to -50ºC (-40º to -58ºF)

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Special features reduce problems with contamination

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Specially designed for operation in high vibration conditions

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ScanMeg products meet the most complex challenges.

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