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ScanMeg offers a range of presence detectors and measurement systems that accelerate and optimize factory production. Known worldwide, ScanMeg’s sensors and measuring instruments increase production capacity, drastically reduces downtime, define the objects and help production in real-time. All this thanks to our commitment to each project and our cutting-edge innovations that provide solutions to the measurement, dimensional lasers, and applications market. Discover the reasons for our success and our impeccable reputation by consulting our experts. They will find solutions for your production problems specific to your industry.


  • Professional

    Our experts take the time to analyze your production challenges to simplify processes and increase their efficiency through optimized performance.

  • Tailored

    Entrust your production’s detection and measuring challenges to our specialists. They will design the system adapted to the specific requirements of your production line.

  • Fast Repair

    Increase the lifespan of your equipment with our expertise. Our technicians provide a fast turn-around time for damaged sensors, so they can be back in production without delay.

  • Product

    ScanMeg offers a variety of products for measurement, detection, object-profile acquisition and 3D full-profile and shape and shape by triangulation. This comprehensive range of sensors can solve any production challenge.

  • After-Sale

    Our experts ensure that you get the full potential from the ScanMeg products. In addition to supporting you during integration, they advise you on the maximum use of the products, the parameters to be used and other elements that may enhance your investment.

  • After-Sale

    ScanMeg guides you towards the solution to meet your production challenges, regardless of the complexity. This support ensures full service worthy of the highest standards available on the international market.


integrates the accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and trust.

ScanMeg innovations are so developed and precise that they solve the most complex production challenges. Before your purchase of the sensors, our specialists will ensure the perfect match between our devices and the application to the existing technology in the plant. Contact the team, their expertise can make a difference to your equipment’s performance!

  • Scanmeg

    Infrared Technology

    A transmitter and a receiver pair detects the presence, size, thickness, width, and length of any object. This range of infrared sensors is available at competitive prices with various applications, controllable playback speed, etc. Easy to integrate into an industrial production line, they adapt to all environments, especially the most adverse.

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  • Scanmeg

    Laser Technology

    For measurement, laser technology is far more accurate than infrared technology. The range of our laser products uses an evolving technology. All products offered by ScanMeg are state-of-the-art and are among the best performers in the industry.

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  • Scanmeg

    3D Laser Technology

    3D Laser technology is used in the top performing laser sensors. It is also more convenient for obtaining the profile and shape of three-dimensional objects. The basic technique of the 3D laser products offered by ScanMeg, is to project a laser line on the object and then use a specialized CCD camera to gather highly accurate information about the object’s profile and shape. Substantial gains in yield are possible, depending on your current equipment and technology, when the precise digital description of the object is known.

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  • Scanmeg

    Modules and Peripheral Devices

    ScanMeg has a range of peripheral products available to enable your equipment to make various actions and add additional features for productivity and efficiency. Several modules can be used to improve your detection depending on the product or object. For further information, contact the ScanMeg team. Use of these modules can drastically reduce programming time for applications.

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We are uncompromising regarding details and accuracy.

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  • No loss

    Increase productivity, accuracy, and reliability of your equipment with our high-performance systems.

  • Precision

    Our devices project 6, 8, 10 or 12 laser lines on an object, so that the cameras capture the exact XY coordinates of the intersection of the laser line on the object.

  • Productivity

    Increase your efficiency, productivity, and performance.

  • Speed

    A capture speed of up to 4,000 acquisitions per second.

  • Dimension

    Our equipment detects the size of very small objects, as small as 0,001 inch (0,025 mm).

  • Distance

    Our systems detect the size at more than 100 feet (30 m) and shape at more than 12 feet (3,6 m).

ScanMeg products are designed to function well in all kinds of tough applications and therefore
increase the performance of the equipment.

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Durability of
our devices

Several facilities have been operating reliability for 15 years, since the first products manufactured by ScanMeg 2001.


Function down to -40º to -50ºC (-40º to -58ºF)

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Special features reduce problems with contamination

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Specially designed for operation in high vibration conditions

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We have field experience and technical knowledge

ScanMeg brings together the best talents in the industry through field experience and developed knowledge. This complete control ensures perfect understanding of the technical issues that may arise during production operations – we speak your language!. By their professionalism, expertise, and understanding, our specialists are more than employees; they are collaborators for each customer.

  • Research and development

    ScanMeg is an important player -- constantly innovating to design products to improve performance in all industries. Through its innovations, it tends to simplify and optimize the production in several sectors.

  • Continuous Improvement

    ScanMeg constantly trains its staff to develop the best talents. This ongoing development improves the knowledge of our experts, so that they remain the reference in the industry.

  • Dedication

    Our specialists are involved in each project to ensure a better understanding in the use of ScanMeg products. Thus, our clients benefit from excellent service and close collaboration that actually provide peace of mind.

ScanMeg advanced technology

to understand the functioning of our devices

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will increase your performance

The ScanMeg systems are designed to withstand the toughest conditions while maintaining functionality. Our products can be integrated into all production process and offer ease of use and unparalleled accuracy. Currently, ScanMeg sensors and measuring instruments are a must for the most demanding industries such as forestry, mining, food, packaging, automotive, and steel mills. For many, ScanMeg is the partner offering the best solution for industrial optimization. Contact us.

Here is how we work

Watch this video to learn about the methods developed by ScanMeg. You will see the extent of our work, the expertise of our technicians, the quality of our facilities and the precision of our products.

Fabriqué au Québec

What customers say about Scanmeg

  • “ScanMeg products enabled us to increase productivity from 5 to 10% over the years. Certainly there are other brands of detection products but these are with core hours and do not always correspond to the sawmill industry's needs. ScanMeg products have been developed in taking into account dust, vibration, and functioning constraints even when installed in a harsh environment. Over the years, ScanMeg’s company has developed products that exactly meet our expectations such as size of undetected particles below a certain adjustable diameter. These products have enabled us to achieve significant productivity improvements. I will not name all the products that helped us for fear of forgetting some, but those you will see on the videos have all contributed to achieving our successes.”

    Claude Résolu. Forest Products

  • “In the implementation of the USNR ReSaw, we needed two measuring systems. To do this, we used ScanMeg detectors that have responded very well to our expectations for this application. In addition, the technical service of ScanMeg team has been a great support for our programmers.”

    Jacques USNR

  • “Very easy to use! We only had to change the supports / guards where Banners sensors were installed, we have installed the P150 face to face, it was wired and that was it. I did not have to spend the 45 minutes usually required to align them, or tilt them, or check viewing angles. Another great ScanMeg product!”

    Tom Britton Lumber Fairlee