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To offer you the best products and services, we had to gather the best talents in the field of dimensional measurement and improve their expertise according to our exceptional standards. In addition to mastering their respective expertise, our experts combine field experience to provide state of the art products tailored to our worldwide customer’s requirements. This way our customers receive the unique products, services, and solutions they need to decrease downtime, increase productivity and reliability for their operations.

Professional team

  • Research and development
  • Repair and service department
  • Sales department
  • Administration

Research and development

This department is dedicated to innovation and the constant evolution of products offered by ScanMeg. To enhance the solutions that meet the needs of the production process of all industries, our experts are paying close attention to new technologies that could be usefull for process control, detection and measurements. In addition, they ensure the quality, reliability and integrity of each product developed. This team excels technically in innovation and industrial production. Qualified to overcome every challenge, ScanMeg surges ahead of the market with high-performance products.


This department’s role is to find the best repair solution, as quickly as possible. As soon as our technicians receive the product, they proceed to its analysis and to the reparation. This efficient process allows you to get your equipment faster without having lengthily delays which could impinge on your equipment and productivity.

In addition to being an ecological solution, our repair service prolongs your equipment’s life while avoiding the high costs of new purchases. This ScanMeg advantage is possible, thanks to our team’s profound knowledge and experience.


Our sales specialists always make sure that our products meet your needs. To optimise your production, they ensure all needed information is available and compatible. You will be able to exchange in complete confidence with our experts on your production challenges. They are also available to help you upon the purchase to ensure our product is fully exploited by your production line. You can always communicate with them, regardless of your request. We are here for you.


The administrative department is composed of highly qualified professionals in their respective field. They oversee ScanMeg’s business development, effectiveness and sustainability and ensure all orders are processed expeditiously. They actively contribute to ensure the company remains a reference and a trusted partner for our local and international clients.

  • Benoit Carpentier President

  • Gilles Pilon

  • Denis Garneau
 Sales Representative

  • John Wilby West Coast Representative

  • Daniel Cadieux CPA CGA Accountant

  • Claude Michaud
 Senior Buyer

  • Yanick Bruneau Senior Researcher

  • Marco Zurini Senior Technician

  • Réjean Bossé

  • Francis Fortin

  • Philippe Muraglia
 Research and development

  • Danielle Paquin Assistant Director

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