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Our services are so comprehensive that our customers benefit from a personalized support when buying optimization systems. In addition to personalized advice, we offer engineering services to adapt sensors and measuring instruments to processes in your plant. If required, we can also optimize the lifespan of your devices with the quick repair service. These turnkey services allow you to collaborate directly and exclusively with ScanMeg. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your production processes.


Our specialized representatives will guide you through the selection of the devices that meet your application. Before advising you, they will analyze, using a visual representation of your facilities, the physical environment in which the sensor or measurement system will be installed. They will know what information you need and how they should be collected in accordance with your requirements. They will also consider the application and existing technology to ensure the perfect match with the product. Once these elements are evaluated, you will have the product to meet your needs, according to the information you need to control the process.

After-Sale Optimization

If necessary, our technicians are always available to answer your questions about the use of ScanMeg devices. With their technical knowledge, they will be able to advise you in order to improve your investment by maximizing the product in your process. This exclusive service is available for our customers, because we really are a partner that ensures the solving of your industrial problems and the increasing your productivity or quality.

Repair Service

We know sometimes the sensors are damaged in processes. Our technicians quickly repair the equipment to extend the lifespan of the sensors. This express service maintains the performance of damaged devices to ensure accuracy, robustness, and reliability. All repairs are done in our modern factory where a team of specialized repair technicians targets and applies the best solution in record time. This avoids production losses or costs incurred by a long delay.

Custom Engineering

With the aim to provide the best service, we can design custom systems or modify existing ones. If a standard product does not meet the requirements perfectly, our specialists can modify or refine existing sensors or measuring instruments. In the case of a more complex challenge, our technicians will design the best solution for your engineering production. These customized services are available through the expertise and technical knowledge of our technicians who are experts in innovation.


Our sensor and measuring specialists take time to analyze your production challenges in detail to offer the right solution for your facility. With their expertise, they help solve your problem with the most convenient and easy to use solutions. By the same token, they can increase the efficiency of your production while eliminating potential losses due to a lack of precision. Our experts will quickly become your reference for measuring and presence detection.

After-Sale Follow-up

We accompany our customers throughout the use of our products. Whatever the lifespan of our devices, we are always at our customers’ service, either to optimize their processes, answer their questions, and make adjustments and repairs. You will find that ScanMeg is a really short and long-term collaborator.


Our technicians are the company's pillars

  • Research and development

    ScanMeg is an important player who is constantly innovating for the benefit of all industries. Through its innovations, it can simplify and optimize the processes of production plants in several sectors.

  • Continuous Improvement

    ScanMeg constantly trains its staff to develop the best talent. This on-going development improves the knowledge of our experts, so that they remain the reference in the industry.

  • Dedication

    Our specialists are involved in each project to ensure better understanding and use of ScanMeg products. Thus, our clients benefit from excellent service and close collaboration that actually provides peace of mind.

ScanMeg advanced technology

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A diverse clientele

  • Sawmills

    ScanMeg offers applications renowned for their reliability, durability, and speed. Perfect for this hostile environment, our product is popular with the industry and is found worldwide. Moreover, the products are useful for the entire field of wood processing industries. Production times are increased, stops and delays are reduced; maintenance is greatly simplified. The recovery of the material is increased. Accuracy, speed, and reliability are our trademark in this industry for over 15 years.

  • Automotive

    Always in the quest for precision, quality, and productivity improvement, our customers from the automotive sector appreciate the ScanMeg products. In addition to its data precision and reliability, it has a consistency that optimizes production. Thus, these plants can produce more by maximizing their industrial processes. The range of laser points enables the detection of the black colour and an absorbent texture, normally a major constraint for the detection of tires using lasers.

  • Mines

    Appreciated for its variety of applications tailored to the mining sector, ScanMeg offers a range of very robust gauges. In addition to their durability, they are suitable for this difficult environment and high demands for productivity. The use of laser point gauges to measure cracks in concrete coating, the production wells and the measurement of hoist rails in real time. In addition, our products provide a reduction in downtime for the purposes of compliance and security requirements for the mining industry.

  • Steel Mill

    Steel is a unique product that requires precision and speed of production. ScanMeg developed sensors and durable gauges which provides consistency in the industrial production chain. These products can produce better, faster and bigger volume. The use of HD and TS-4 types allows an alignment, in real time, of the steel scrolling, during cold winding or unwinding (cold roll steel mill). Moreover, it leads to the elimination of downtime, higher quality and the elimination of losses due to non-compliance.

  • Food Industry

    ScanMeg serves the food industry by adapting the measuring specifications of this market. In addition to benefit from data reliability, the customer benefits from a durable product that contributes to the quality control of their production chain. By extension, the MD range eliminates production losses, downtime and loss of dough during robotic bread manufacturing.

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Here is how we work

Watch this video to learn about the methods developed by ScanMeg. You will see the extent of our work, the expertise of our technicians, the quality of our facilities and the precision of our products.