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Type TS4


The Type TS4 is a single laser line scanner which is fast, compact, and robust. This model is ideal for measuring the shape of a three dimensional object by the principle of triangulation. Projection of a laser line on an object allows the Type TS scanner to precisely measure the XY coordinates of the intersection of the laser line with the object. This allows one to collect all the necessary data, to store it in a digitized format that can be sent on demand to other devices to optimize your application. The scan type TS4 scans up to 800 scans per second taken in its field of vision.


  • 12 to 24 volt DC
  • Designed to operate between 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
  • Ethernet link
  • Visible Laser line
  • Up to 800 scans second
  • Dedicated laser power supply
  • Stores and sends measurements on request
  • IP external link via simple function (DLL.)
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TS4-A 24 po. – 610mm, TS4-B 5 po. – 127mm, TS4-C 30 po. – 762mm