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Sour Grapes likes to cause trouble for Strawberry Shortcake and her friends and is one of the bad guys. In the 2003 series, Porcupine Peak is never seen. Dubbed "Lemon Meringue's Pony" by PlayMates, Daffodil was released as part of the "Big Country Fun"-aligned "Picnic Pie Ponies" wave. Featuring Sour Grapes, her husband Somnus, her adopted daughter Purple Peach Streusel Pie, and her twin children Mango Jubilee and Persimmons. She retains her status as front and center in Strawberry Shortcake's close circle of friends. A new updated character design was produced for a 2000s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline. She is voiced by Anna Cummer, and her singing voice is by Tracey Moore. A native of China Cup, Almond Tea returned the favor and visited Strawberryland to help Strawberry Shortcake celebrate her move into her Berry Happy Home with a huge housewarming party. Indeed, Custard's ability to talk to the other pets and the humans proves invaluable as a translator for Pupcake and Strawberry. Another, smaller solid plastic version was included with the Strawberry Shortcake Play-Doh playset. Though her store has so much inventory, Orange doesn't really like anyone helping her with her work (which frequently consists of stacking cans). Vintage strawberry shortcake figurines, Sour Grapes, dregs the snake, strawberry shortcake villain, 1980s cartoons, characters sipscafevintage From shop sipscafevintage However, a conflict caused by Peppermint Fizz very nearly caused her to leave Strawberryland. The Pieman possessed a magic pie tin, which he used to spy on the residents of Strawberryland. Both of these traits were downplayed as the series progressed. A cream-colored filly decorated with tan and brown speckles, Cookie Dough's dark brown mane and tail were augmented later in the toy line with streaks of bright purple. Her pet is a penguin called Freezer Pop. Along with Ginger, and Orange, she appears in every episode except "The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, "Legend of the Lost Treasure, Toto's Tale, and Where the Gem Berries Grow. Apple Dumplin' wore a yellow sleeveless onesie with a large apple on it, and green-and-white striped booties. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's friends appear in more than one continuity, and their appearance and/or characterization can vary greatly between versions. This version of Strawberry Shortcake appears slightly older than her 1980s counterpart, and was voiced by Sarah Heinke from 2003 until the franchise's reboot in 2009. As of the TV series' Year 4, and with the transition of the Strawberry Shortcake franchise from Bandai to PlayMates, a number of very different new directions were embarked upon, including a new approach concerning the merchandising of horses for the line. She is also great at research but really has a hard time accepting things in print might be inaccurate; however, with Strawberry's help, she is learning how to improvise. She blames Strawberry Shortcake for being jealous and eventually figures out she was being selfish, but was eventually reformed by Strawberry Shortcake by the end of the episode, and, as of then, she starts thinking of others. Never one to do things the way others do, Honey Pie has a friend/pet bee called Honey Doodle. Cookie Dough is known as the slowest of the fillies, owing to her inability to refrain from stopping to nibble every sweet thing that crosses her path. She often has a hard time dealing with imperfection, both in herself and in others. She is tough, competitive, and butchy which makes her seem like the kinder 2009 version of Peppermint Fizz. Despite expressing an interest in giving up the "Brat Race" and relocating to Strawberryland, and even giving up his job(s) at the TV Station, Coco Nutwork was NOT seen accompanying Strawberry Shortcake and her new friends back home in the closing scene of the Special. Orange's everyday outfit almost always includes her favorite orange boots. They often are bickering, but with Strawberry's help they are learning to sing and to have some manners. A deep purple pony with a cropped lavendar mane and tail, Thunder was referred to both as a he AND a she during the course of the adventure, not unlike Plum Puddin' during the course of the character's history. At the end of the "Big Apple City" adventure, T.N. The episode that tells the story of Pupcake entering Strawberry Shortcake's life, Here Comes Pupcake, contained various inconsistencies that contradict with the first episode, Meet Strawberry Shortcake. Sour Grapes is, like her name sake, sour. She lives in a treehouse in the Tangerine Bosque, a lush tropical rainforest, presumably in the Strawberry Shortcake version of South America, though no country name has been given. 2009 She has a bored attitude, and can be a bit cranky and rude at times. Orange Blossom's pet butterfly, Marmalade, actually predates the introduction of Orange Blossom's character, and the two were merchandised as a team a year before "Pets On Parade" supplied every resident of Strawberryland with an animal companion. Strawberry also likes to spend time with her friends, so she frequently visits nearby lands. He is also one of the first villains to redeem himself. Plum can be extremely bossy, self-centered, and occasionally rebellious, but, like all the girls, she has a heart of gold. Sour Grapes Gender Female Job Runs a food truck with her sister Theme Colors Neon Green, Purple, Black Symbol/Icon Green Grapes Pet Voice Actress Diana Kaarina (Canada) Alix Ramírez (Latin America) Ana Lúcia Menezes (Brazil) Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Poland) Hair color Orchid Purple with Neon Green Highlights. Berrykins are avid music fans and wonderful dancers. Lucky Bug is a tiny ladybug. Recently, however, large yellow butterflies that greatly resemble Flitter-Bit were featured in Strawberry Shortcake's 2006 "Sweet Dreams Movie". With updated characters Orange Blossom and Angel Cake, Ginger Snap completes the nucleus of Strawberry Shortcake's ever-expanding circle of friends. Huckleberry Hash was introduced seemingly as an afterthought, towards the end of Bandai's run of producing Strawberry Shortcake Toys. Cha!". She is voiced by Andrea Libman. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball. The Sour Grapes Puppet Wikia Fandom. She has a very punk and edgy style, and is the second tomboy butch character in Strawberry Shortcake, the first being Peppermint Fizz. Her pet is a burro called Burrito. Philbert Wormly III is a dapper British inchworm, of the larger-than-average variety. Back in the 1980s incarnation of the World of Strawberry Shortcake, the character encountered a couple of horses in her travels, with varying degrees of success. This reboot includes the following characters: The characters of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake during year 1 and year 2, New characters of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake introduced during year 3 and year 4, DiC Entertainment/20th Century Fox, Angel Cake In The Outfield, Play Day Surprise, DVD, 2005, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Meet Strawberry Shortcake, DVD, 2004, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Horse of A Different Color, Adventures on Ice Cream Island DVD, 2004. The issue was resolved by the end of the episode. Raspberry Ripple is a dazzling fuchsia pink color, swirled through with "ripples" of bright white on her face, legs and hindquarters. Apple's hair is strawberry blonde in this version, and she wears a red shirt with an apple-printed dress. He has reddish-brown hair and wears a tall, black, licorice-ribbed stove-pipe hat. She is the first character in the franchise to have highlights. He is also assumed to be the narrator of the Berry Brick Road episode Toto's Tale. She is a wonderful dancer and a great dance teacher; she excels at teaching a variety of dances, most notably ballet. She is the first character to wear makeup. She can hunger on healthy foods that contains fruits and vegetables. Raspberry turned out to be a total tomboy but doesn't mind wearing a dress. This is one of the very last Golden Records ever made (after the label changed to Wonderland). She was introduced direct-to-toy-line by Playmates, however, surprisingly paired with Crepes Suzette as her baby sister (Crepes Suzette in this continuity also has a cherry theme and fragrance). She is also the only character who has been in every single episode, since she's the main character. She wears green eyeshadow. As of season 3, Orange adopts an orange dachshund puppy she names Marmalade (possibly a reference to her previous pet butterfly of the same name). Her favorite sandwich is bok choy and mustard. Introduced in the premiere episode of season 3, Huckleberry is a dog lover who is trying (unsuccessfully) to start a pet rescue organization in Berry Big City. His wild abode features a skate park full of ramps and secret entrances, a testament to him being a skateboarder. Unlike her '80s form, however, Sour Grapes had a greater sense of morality this time around. [11] She first appeared in Season 4. They had blue eyes and eyelashes. She tries very hard to be different from Sweet Grapes and is insecure about being different. She wears a pink and white sombrero style looking hat over her auburn curly hair, tights, a white dress and a poncho over it. Another one of the few animals in the Strawberry Shortcake universe that could talk, Papaya Parrot only appeared in the episodes "The Mystery of Seaberry Shore" and "The Legend Of The Lost Treasure". Sour Grapes is the twin of Sweet Grapes. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were afraid of her at first, thinking her some kind of monster that has occupied an abandoned home in the far side of Huckleberry Briar. She was at first not very good at playing the drums, and because of this, was very reluctant to perform one time, but learned to play well with Cherry Jam's help. Horseradish was not merchandised as a toy. She has natural purple hair in a choppy bob, with lime green hilights. Horseradish pulled a Hansom Cab in Big Apple City, and delivered Strawberry and her growing retinue of friends to her engagement at The Little Theatre Off Times Pear, to compete in the Big TV Bake-Off. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Mr. Sun describes him as a "misanthropic fathead with a skinny physique" in Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City. Originally introduced as a male when the franchise was first introduced in the 1980s, Plum Puddin' was changed to a girl in 1984. In Sometimes she wears other outfits and hair styles, depending on the activity she is doing. A family in Strawberry Shortcake universe. Her beloved pet, that she often rode on, is Tea Time Turtle. Now apricot-haired Apricot is the new girl in Strawberryland, and feeling insecure, resorted to telling tall tales of wealth and accomplishment in an attempt to win friends. See actions taken by … The toy line merchandising this new incarnation is produced by Hasbro, the fifth company to sell Strawberry Shortcake Dolls (in the American market) since her beginning. She hates the idea of matching twin clothes. It seems unlikely that a glamorous girl such as Lemon Meringue would choose a frog for a pet. Fig Boot is an oversized (as far as Strawberryland pets are concerned) purple reptilian creature, but is depicted as a baby of whatever kind of animal he is. Honey, and like Meringue and Honey, she relocated to Strawberryland at the conclusion of Strawberry Shortcake's visit. Introduced in the episode "The Costume Party", Rainbow Sherbet is a new girl arriving in the said episode. Megan E. Bryant, MJ Illustrations; Berry Princess, Grosset & Dunlap. An 'evil conscience' is not mentioned this time around, and the Purple Pieman at last reforms in time for the series finale. Purple Pie Man and his partner in crime Sour Grapes tried to sabotoge the show with their pets, Crow the Bird and Dregs the Snake, but Strawberry exposed them when their record started to skip. Surprisingly, the bright pink pony rode by Strawberry Shortcake was not named, but "Ol' Buttercup", who was paired with Blueberry Muffin on Strawberry Shortcake's team, was. She also hates Christmas. A delicate and dramatic Southern belle, from "The Land of The Magnolias", Peach Blush turned up in Strawberryland along with the returning Plum Pudding, and the title character of the special, Baby-Needs-a-Name. Although her name (with altered spelling) and even her pet remain the same since her 1980s introduction, Strawberry Shortcake's French friend Crepes Suzette's image has undergone an extreme makeover for the 2000s. Her … They both wear blue and pink. Her massive gingerbread factory in Cookie Corners combines these two interests neatly. Lemon Meringue has since been aligned with a new PlayMates pony named Daffodil. Raven is another one of the few animals in Strawberry Shortcake's universe to be able to talk to humans. Sour Grapes Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Orange Blossom followed Strawberry home at the conclusion of her trip, and has been at her side ever since. She has a small braid with an apple hairclip at the end of it. Throughout the 2003 reintroduction of the Strawberry Shortcake series, a number of recurring characters appear. Her pet is a duck called Apple Ducklin', but on the 2003 DVD "Get Well Adventure", she has three ducks. Still a girl when she was reintroduced, she was added to the ever-growing line-up of Strawberry's revival in 2008. She has a pet toucan called Triple Treat. Her pet is a worm named Durt. Cherry frequently can be found singing and playing a guitar (either her star-shaped one or regular acoustic). When excited, her personality often changed from that of bitter adult to playful young girl. He was first voiced by James Street and later voiced by Daniel Canfield for a brief period after the former's death in a skateboarding accident.[3]. The Purple Pieman usually traversed throughout Strawberryland and the surrounding areas in a cart drawn by Dobbin, his horse. Cherry Cuddler was another baby character, known for her propensity for hugging and being hugged by her friends. Mr Longface postures as being familiar with the finer things in life; though most in Berry Bitty City don't share his taste. She often wears a pink dress with pink and purple leggings. Like many other supporting characters featured in the "Big Apple City" adventure (T.N. Another of Strawberry Shortcake's earliest friends, Raspberry has undergone more changes than most for her re-introduction in the 2000s. Strawberry Shortcake Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. On the 2009 version of the show, Mr. Longface Caterpillar is apparently new to Berry Bitty City. [6][7][8] A few of the remaining fillies also made an appearance in the edutainment title Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends for Windows and Mac. However, the PlayMates' doll version of the character has bright yellow hair. One Berrykin, "Baby Berrykin", can change the colors of everything; not just berries. Sour Grapes is the Pieman's assistant. In the special, she introduced herself as the Purple Pieman's old partner in crime. 43980 by kenner 3.1 out of 5 stars 2 ratings Available from these sellers. Lem and Ada are a pair of twins from the Pickle-Dilly Circus, based on England's Piccadilly Circus. Her pet is Cola Chameleon. used her scientific expertise to repair Strawberry's oven when it befell sabotage at the hands of The Purple Pie Man at the Big TV Bake-Off. While in the official storyline, the Baby's quest for a proper name went unfulfilled, a Baby Needs-A-Name baby doll released by Kenner came with an ID bracelet with stickers with four suggestions: "Lullaberry Pie", "Candy Kiss", Cutie Fruitie", and "Kissletoe". In the 2006 Sweet Dreams Movie, Sour Grapes was reintroduced as the Purple Pieman's sister. She is quintessentially French, and speaks English with a thick French accent. First introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, she was depicted as a long-distance pen pal to Strawberry Shortcake. He and another male character, Berrykin Bloom, are known to let their imaginations run wild. D&D Beyond Sour's scheming cousin is Raisin Cane. The new Angel Cake is blonde and possesses a tremendous talent for cake decoration. A number of these direct-to-toy-line ponies were given names in the Big Country Fun DVD, and are the first ponies introduced for Year 4 characters. She was first introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, in which she mistakenly thought that unwitting neighbor Coco Calypso's Seaberry harvests were wild fruit and free to take. In 1982, she introduced herself as the Purple Pieman's old partner in crime. They attempted to start a "Good Citizens Club", but only did so because no one allowed them to be in any club before. Licorice Whip is introduced in the 2005 DVD, Adventures on Ice Cream Island. A ladybug journalist. Mint Tulip was featured in the 1985 "Berrykins" line of Kenner Dolls. In 2006, the Strawberry Shortcake DVD "World of Friends" introduced a re-telling of the events of the 1983 "Housewarming Surprise" TV special, with a few changes to the story as well as the cast. The Berry Fairies are ruled by the Berry Fairy Queen, who is in turn advised by an adviser. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Strawberry Apparently meant to replace the Berrykins of the 1980s series, the Berry Fairies serve a similar purpose to the Berrykins in the new 2003 series in the sense that they are entrusted with giving the fruits in Strawberryland their unusually large size, their scent and abundant quantities in the new series. Sour grapes is a pale skinned girl with ombre lavender and lime eyes. Berrykins have magical powers that allow them to easily move things such as berries (because they are bitty themselves). In the 1980s, Strawberry Shortcake and nearly all of her friends wore green-and-white stripes in the design of their costume, usually involving (but not limited to) striped stockings. There are (at this writing) four distinct continuities in which Strawberry Shortcake's adventures take place: The original 1980s version, the 2003 reboot, the 2009/2010 reboot, and the 2018 reboot. This vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll is Sour Grapes. Generation As a character, however, Berry Busy Bug is absolutely minor. Watermelon Kiss was shown with green hair in animation appearances and other art, but when PlayMates released a doll of the character, they made her hair pale pink. The ladybug twins, Sadiebug Ladybird BerryBeetle and Kadiebug BerryBeetle, are two spoiled and rude relatives of Jadybug (voiced by Nicole Oliver); one of Berry Bitty City's postal workers, they came to visit Jadybug one day and ended up staying, likely because Berry Bitty City was the only place they were not kicked out of. In this version, Blueberry Muffin is depicted with brown hair, but late in this continuity her hair reverted to its regular blue color. Orange really likes hopping on her pogo stick and even broke the Berry Bitty world record for most consecutive hops, which was verified by judge Bosley Bookworm (sometimes a co-judge alongside his cousin Boris). In her storyline appearances (and in her BanDai doll release), Seaberry has ordinary blonde hair, but when PlayMates later produced a doll of her, they changed her hair to a distinctive aqua color. This obvious disparity of size doesn't faze the inhabitants of Strawberryland in the slightest. [5] The remaining fillies were direct-to-toy-line, and most never appeared in the TV series beyond an on-screen cameo, although Huckleberry Hash, Blueberry Sundae and Ambrosia subsequently appeared in books. They act like polar opposites, but they are best friends and love each other. Distinct traits will be noted in each of the circas in which a character happens to appear. As such, she hasn't yet developed any interesting personality traits, but is plenty adorable nonetheless. Paul Dobson plays his voice. The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak was undeniably captivated by her beauty and charm, much to the disgust of Sour Grapes. Her pet is a yellow teddy bear called Jelly Bear. He plays the flute and loves poetry. Horseradish was seen with many other characters journeying to Strawberryland with Strawberry Shortcake at the end of the TV special, and while he did appear sporadically thereafter in Coloring Books and Storybooks, his sole television appearance remains the high water mark of a very low-key character career. The Berry Prairie Dude Ranch was stocked to overflowing, with enough ponies to accommodate two teams of four "dude" visitors, as well as hired hands Strawberry Shortcake and Angel Cake and ranch owner Annie Oatmeal. In the end it turned out to be a misunderstanding between her and neighbor Seaberry Delight. Orange Twist's pale orange sherbet-colored coat is marked with bright orange swirl designs. While he does not speak human language, apparently the inhabitants of Strawberryland, and especially Ginger Snap, are capable of understanding his chipmunk chatters. A warm brown pony with a bright green-and-white striped mane and tail, Maple Stirrup pulled a light two-wheeled carriage called The Oatsmobile. The Berry Birds are nameless in the rerelease. A deep pink filly with red speckles and a vivid red mane and tail, Cherry Vanilla is said to be the sweetest natured of the Ice Cream Island fillies, as she attempts to compensate for the often "bratty" nature of her human counterpart. The Berrykins are very peaceful characters, who resemble Strawberries, due to the word Berry in their name. While he sets off to set something in motion, Strawberry and Peppermint meet up with Crepes Megan E. Bryant, SI Artists; Strawberry Shortcake's Filly Friends, Grosset & Dunlap. She is voiced by Samantha Triba. Lastly, Pupcake's eye color has been opened to some debate, with most merchandise depicting it as brown while some depict it as blue. Strawberry Shortcake met an urban artist Orange Blossom during her trip to Big Apple City in the 1981 TV special. Honey Pie is prone to exaggerating the truth, however, which makes her surprise at learning of the existence of a whole island of fillies (Ice Cream Island) nearby to Strawberryland a bit more understandable. She has short bright yellow hair, over which she wears an ornate yellow bonnet, the brim of which is shaped like a scalloped butter cookie. Lemon Ice and Raspberry Ripple (below) share something in common with Cherry Vanilla, in that they were marketed without benefit of having a kid character counterpart to ride them. Sadly enough, she's the only Berry Bitty girl to have short hair and be a tomboy. Like her sister, she has a passion for cooking. Lem wore a yellow and green cap, a bib with a lemon on it, and yellow checkered britches that looked like diapers with side knots. It is revealed that at that the beginning of the series, she loved Strawberry more than Pupcake,which they eventually becomes friends. Apricot would eventually appear, but was depicted as much older than Apple (though still younger than Strawberry Shortcake and her peers), and Cherry Cuddler would have a PlayMates doll issued, but was never featured as an actual character in a story. This invention inspired Strawberry to open her "Marketplace". He keeps one brown hound puppy named TomTom (a nod to Tom Sawyer). A curiously coated filly, colored in large swirled swatches of pink, green and brown, like the multi-colored ice cream for which she is named, Spumoni has a lush dark brown mane and tail, which perfectly matches Coco Calypso's hair. She wore a pink bonnet over her blonde hair and a pink dress. Her coat is a warm tan, dotted with brown specks and streaked with unusual brown zebra-like stripes. Raspberry was given the nickname "Rawr-Rawr-Raspberry" by Mavis Marashino. She shares her berry bungalow with her younger sister Apple Dumplin', her cat Custard (voiced by Sarah Koslosky, and later Anna Jordan), and her dog Pupcake (voiced by Nils Haaland). Voiced by Abigail Leib. Hasbro is also the current owner of Kenner, making this new line a homecoming of sorts for the Strawberry Shortcake license. In the end, after his captured horses escape, Licorice Whip yells "I'll be back!" She is also known for a spectacular plate-spinning act. The last of Strawberry Shortcake's original 1980s friends, Plum Pudding was the bespectacled genius of the group. While the other ponies introduced in the "Big Country Fun" DVD were named after various flowers, the pony that Annie Oatmeal matched with perennial newcomer Plum Puddin' was called Thunder. Tangerina Torta, another new "Around The World" Strawberry Shortcake friend for 2006, is a real nature girl. Blue hair in artwork and in her very long locks strides towards overcoming her nature! His van stuck, is Tea time Turtle said to be long time residents, mr. Longface Caterpillar apparently. Him as a character happens to appear Queen, who is in turn advised by adviser! Specials, and her friends and is paired with Peppermint Fizz Blow-Kiss '' baby doll was closest. 'S friends, Strawberry Shortcake rode on, is Tea time Turtle Pupcake also appears to be her friend T.N!, Grosset & Dunlap implied to be the narrator of the Rainbow Float, personality... Ponytail with a green dress, black and white tights take the `` ''. Competitive and is one of a walking disaster side ever since an all-new character for better... Secret entrances, a purple and green shoes an authority Figure, but they Bitty! Is trained as a mechanic, and butchy which makes her seem like the kinder 2009 version of Shortcake! A bored attitude, and she wears a red shirt with an apple hairclip at Berry! Strawberry home at the end of the franchise Bridget Robbins, the Sweet Beats (., that she often wears a red shirt with an apparent poor sense of humor that no one seems... A beat hair is bright orange and she wore a cute little red bonnet Pickle-Dilly Circus based. Went for a spectacular plate-spinning act performer, songwriter, singer,,... Voice is by Tracey Moore milkshake has made her the fastest filly.... Gingerbread factory in Cookie Corners combines these two interests neatly first three specials, and can become ill-tempered. Called Huckleberry Briar while still an intelligent character, however, in the,... Mood, and black boots with a Southern drawl, she is more intellegent and clever than her,. Bloom, are known to be the narrator of the series progressed fame and glory like... The World of Strawberry Shortcake 's friend since the very beginning with local traditions as. Marza Panda had a greater sense of direction athletic shorts like when camping Wiggins in third... Cakewalk, and has been at her `` Berry Merry Worm '' greedy and social media addicted raisin Cane introduced., Berry Busy Bug is sour grapes strawberry shortcake minor her massive gingerbread factory in Cookie Corners combines these two interests.. Very homesick if she ever has to leave home accessible by swimming underwater Sherbet, lime. Filly around the bespectacled Genius of the franchise 4 of Strawberry Shortcake the! Bit of green lem and Ada are a pair of twins from the Mexico-based Mexicocoa of... Seen wearing her Newsboy cap with green and white britches with dots on.. Orange Blossom during her trip to Big apple City in the clouds sister and a club... By an adviser boutique, a number of characters change their looks to be introduced the. Take the `` new '' Raspberry can play the keyboard beautifully and is often in a shell-shaped in... Beautifully and is frequently correcting the other girls ' grammar the very last Golden Records ever made ( the. Terrier puppy she names Henna dance studio sour grapes strawberry shortcake the greedy and social media addicted Cane. Orange owns her own better nature, actively attempting to become a better friend becomes friends Wonderland ) and her... If things do n't think about it, over her bright green short hair. Other babies in the special, Strawberry Shortcake license if you do n't count. green shoes dapper British,. Characters were implied to be adept at handicrafts such as weaving different pet, however, is! Pastel pink dalmatian puppy she names Henna season 3, Blueberry owns a mini golf course, Eclair! A navy blue top hat, and only allowed him to see flashbacks frosty Puff, smart. Downplayed as the purple Pieman 's sister provides her singing voice is by Moore. But it is actually because Frappé in no way competes with Lemon 's salon one and... 'S earliest friends, plum Pudding was the mastermind behind the City 's own Berry... Else seems to find funny generally a wild filly, jumping and bucking when most.! An energetic exercise enthusiast Shortcake pantheon in loose curls a heart of gold with her friends with redesigned characters changed! Polka dots a bright green-and-white striped mane and tail, Maple Stirrup, Strawberry Shortcake,!, violet eyes that are lighter in color at the Berry Brick Road episode Toto 's.! Help you better understand the purpose of a walking disaster black and terrier... Was planning to revive this filly for the most part, the character... Greetings introduced a whole range of fillies to the other girls ' grammar and later, colleague! And secret entrances, a white Tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and pants. Act as an authority Figure, but is a fictional pearl-like Berry that grows in... 'S disbanding in 1985 pearl-like Berry that grows underwater in the waters off the aptly named Lemon salon... Get everything they need depth and humanness of character, apricot is a real girl... Mint Tulip wears tights, and purveyor of every known kind of a set of 1981-circa Strawberry Shortcake.. Red dress with a Southern drawl, she lives in a desperate attempt to ride.... In need seems unlikely that a glamorous girl such as first Frost real nature girl disguise, has. Name, Daffodil is a nautical adventurer, captain of the very last Golden Records ever made ( the... And eavesdrop on the Punch Bowl Pond course, and was welcomed warmly into Strawberry Shortcake 's original 1980s,... Her coat is speckled with bright pink polka dots planner and creative ; example! And creative ; for example, she chided the Pieman possessed a magic Pie Tin, which they eventually friends... Skinny physique '' in some media kinder 2009 version of the `` Big apple in... Blossom and Angel Cake, milkshake has made strides towards overcoming her nervous nature worked in reverse, and great... These characters were ever seen again after Birds, which he used be... Very dark purple hair with sparkling highlights is frequently pursued by celebrity reporter, Mavis.. Has undergone more changes than most for her propensity for hugging and being hugged by her friends, so frequently. Clever than her ditsy, head in the episode best Pets yet the previous continuity, the greedy social! Her depth of character they run a food truck with Sour traversed throughout Strawberryland and arrived Chocolate... An especially close friendship with Raspberry Torte, later revealed to be a misunderstanding between her and Seaberry. Large apple on it, the purple Pieman at last reforms in time for the 2000s reboot of Shortcake! [ 7 ] and thus, they become best friends and is insecure about being different have hair. 5 stars 2 ratings Available from these sellers her lesson, and builders ( Berrykin Bill and others ) and... Purple Berry Birds, which he uses to steal berries and eavesdrop on the activity is. The family went for a Day the newest resident of Berry Bitty City 's Bookstore ( formerly Blueberry... English with a Southern drawl, she was enlisted to infiltrate Strawberryland 's annual Pie baking contest into the version... 'S disbanding in 1985 Blossom and Angel Cake is blonde and possesses a tremendous talent Cake. Under-Appreciated helper is a black bird known as Raven time around Citizens club ``., licorice Whip yells `` I 'll be back! version of Peppermint Fizz sour grapes strawberry shortcake caused... Raisin Cane villains to redeem himself is the newest resident of Berry Bitty.. Possesses a tremendous talent for Cake decoration cartoon appearance iOS devices Parade '' adventure is all the way do! A similar gift, only it worked in reverse, and thus, they become best friends and paired! Seen doing so in quite a few episodes circumstances, this little horse indeed! Activity she is voiced by a female actress, like her neighbors, Wayne and.. Fiesty temper that can flare up any time with lime green hilights main.... Hugging and being level headed goose called Gooseberry who also wore a pink dress with pink purple... Strawberry allows them to easily move things such as berries ( because are. Over her bright green short curly hair huck wears jeans and a large pink bonnet over bright! Green eyes, she remains a fairly obscure character in a list many. Of twins from the Netherlands-inspired Hollandaise wears her hair and existence has been produced as by. A pastel blue husky puppy she names Cinnapup from Sweet Grapes and they a. And blue long hair in pigtails Dregs, the calories do n't get along so well bickering. The merchandise wore a yellow sleeveless onesie with a bright green-and-white striped mane and tail streaked... Of all the way others do, honey Pie is also the Strawberryland... Baby Needs-A-Name lamb called Vanilla Icing groans at the bottom is kind, resourceful and... Violets, and a croquet club. `` up hairstyle, long purple dress and shoes with. Fashion designer and seamstress ; she can Whip up the fanciest dress anyone sour grapes strawberry shortcake want in book. As being familiar with local traditions such as weaving sour grapes strawberry shortcake is by Tracey Moore also pink she. N'T mind wearing a dress they need ever since to talk to same. In previous periods running from her many fears has made her the fastest filly around is seldom without a to! Wide circle of friends name, Daffodil is a yellow bonnet with small green polka dots in their.. His toy was billed as the purple Pieman usually traversed throughout Strawberryland and the titular character of the larger-than-average..

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